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Banrich Trading Co,. Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 2016. Banrich has rich experience in international trade between China and Europe for many years. We are committed to managing and building European high-end cosmetics, personal skin care, fashion and other brands. And also providing B2B, B2C platforms and services. With an efficient and diversified core team and a perfect distribution system in Banrich, we have accumulated a large number of high-quality local connections in Europe.

Core Business

Overseas Brand Agent

Manage and build European high-end cosmetics, personal skin care, fashion and other brands, explore the core value of the brand, and optimize the brand strategic framework.

Cross-Border E-Commerce

Open official flagship stores for strategic cooperation and brand incubation with Tmall, JD and other large-scale e-commerce platforms.

Brand Marketing

To the Beauty and Mother&Infant market has a very deep understanding, focus on these industries of business for many years. Make fully use of many top resources at home and abroad to quickly improve brand awareness and achieve brand precision marketing promotion.

Foreign Trade

The domestic business basically covers all major seaports and airports. We have established long-term stable and effective strategic cooperation with suppliers from most European countries.

Distribution System

Bring to distributors with overseas high-quality and diverse products and cross-border services , and perfect brand links ensure the efficient operation of the distribution.

Business Scope

In recent years, Banrich has reached strategic cooperation with numerous foreign brands, and has cooperated with Tmall and other large-scale e-commerce platforms in China and incubated brands. The company continuously optimizes its supporting services, committed to providing international convenient services for domestic and foreign partners.

Group Architecture


To deal with fund preparation of the international market and enterprise financial consultation, organize and execute group's public offering transactions.

Hong Kong

As the hub of the whole industrial ecology, integrate all products and resources, and operate according to mass market demand.


Relying on Guangzhou's convenient transportation and its own storage, to ensure the smooth flow of all products and resources.


Take the free trade zone as the medium, make full use of the perfect distribution conditions of sea, land and air ports, to better transport to the whole country.


Main focus on e-commerce,has complete professional operation team, the implementation of strict management system, with "integrity-based, cooperation innovation, customer satisfaction" business philosophy to serve the customers.

Core Competitiveness

Multi-level product sales mode
Online sales, cross-border sales, physical sales, downstream distribution.
Reliable product source
Establish franchising relationship with many brands, achieve strategic cooperation with many upstream enterprises, and establish long-term cooperation with many French pharmacy.
In depth analysis of China and EU market background
French export market environment, Chinese cross-border e-commerce market and governments support terms.
Business thinking not limited by geographical restrictions
Banrich has achieved seamless business docking throughout Europe.

The "Leader" of Chinese dream of high-quality European brands
The "transmitter" of high-quality lifestyle in Europe

Only one heart can we go further
Only one mind can we get closer

Using talented people and focusing on virtuous people
Humanized management, and we can grow together

Successful Case

Banrich And Tianjin Wanshun Group

In the large-scale project of Tianjin Europe Trade City, our company is responsible for resources docking in decoration design, business philosophy, project planning, product procurement, Investment promotion, government and business information, etc. Before the start of the formal attractive investment stage, our company successfully organized marketing promotion in various media channels through effective data analysis, and achieved great success in the attractive investment stage. After the successful unveiling of Europe Trade City,our company continues to cooperate with local developers to ensure the long-term stable operation of this project.

With the opportunity of Europe Trade City project in Tianjin Free Trade Zone, our company has established Tianjin Wanshun (France) branch in France in cooperation with Tianjin Wanshun group. In 2014, our company successfully established a large-scale import trade city and European product distribution center with tourism as the destination in Tianjin, China.

VillaGGeo Venice Town Project

Hainan VillaGGeo Venice town project is Banrich's first independent project planning and operation in mainland China. Using the bilateral resources of China and the EU, Banrich aims to build a super carrier base for offline O2O cross-border trade and the physical store sales of imported goods, and realize the overall planning mode of online and offline. VillaGGeo will become the largest duty-free imported merchandise department store in South China. China's cross-border e-commerce has maintained an annual growth of 20% - 30%. In 2018, the import and export volume of China's cross-border e-commerce is expected to reach 880 billion yuan. In the next few years, the proportion of cross-border e-commerce in China's import and export trade will increase to 20%...

The smooth implementation of VillaGGeo project is inseparable from the current government policy support. Hainan Venice town project is a great breakthrough in the development history of cross-border e-commerce in China, marking the decisive reform of traditional trade.

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