Eau Précieuse

French precious water is a centuries-old cosmetics brand to solve the problem of acne and oily skin. Originated in 1890, Charles Dépensier, a senior pharmacist in France, developed a product in Rouen Laboratory for sebum secretion, blackhead and other skin problems. After that, through the researchers of Omega Pharma laboratory, the second largest brand of French pharmaceutical industry, they continuously innovated the formula and improved the precious water product series.

Eau Précieuse known for its "calm, healthy, refreshing" effect, and its brand image of "private house secret treasure passed from French mother to daughter" has been praised so far. In China, it has been praised by many consumers, continues to inherit the mission of a hundred years, and constantly develops products suitable for all kinds of acne and oily skin needs.

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Imported from France with original packaging, authentic products guaranteed, original anti-counterfeiting code.

Laboratory Introduction-Omega

Omega, a French pharmaceutical laboratory, founded in 1987, is committed to the innovation and development of over-the-counter health care products and personal care products. It now has about 2000 brands and operates in 35 countries.

In France, Omega Pharma laboratories employs more than 430 employees and has established direct cooperation with more than 18000 pharmacies.

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