Les Sens de Marrakech

Beauty of nature, genuineness and instinct. Skin is the first wear.

Les Sens de Marrakech, the European high-end SPA skin care brand, the formula of the whole product is made of pure natural plant essence. Based on the fruit of Morocco native Agam tree, the plant research is combined into the skin care results, creating a beautiful way with remarkable effect, balance of body and mind, and natural maintenance. Pass on the high-quality life concept of enjoying, returning to the truth and being beautiful.

Brand Flagship Store

Desert liquid gold: Agam nut oil

In the world, only Morocco can plant Agam. Morocco nut oil is also called Agam oil. Its vitamin E is more than twice that of olive oil. It also contains rare natural phytosterols, which can help skin resist oxidation, maintain skin moisture, inhibit skin inflammation and prevent skin aging.


Desert flower: Cactus seed oil

Cactus seed oil is the second most concerned skin care oil in Europe. It is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, and has significant antioxidant and anti-free radicals. Traditional Moroccan doctors use the ancestral recipe containing the essential oil to smear the wounds of patients, in order to promote tissue regeneration and wound healing.

From France to Morocco

Céline, the founder from France, firmly believes that the source of beauty comes from nature, and starts a global journey of "looking for nature" together with her husband. When they enter Morocco, they find that even if the local people live in a dry environment in the desert, their skin is extremely healthy, tender and gives off natural luster.

It is all thanks to Morocco's unique nut oil, which is a skin care secret passed down from generation to generation by Moroccans. Inspired by the natural skincare secret recipe, she began to concentrate on studying these local magic plants. Because of her love for the natural land, Céline and her husband settled in Marrakech, and jointly created a pure natural and non-additive skin care product - Les Sens de Marrakech, which passed on the beauty concept of nature to more people.

Key Products

Natural Moroccan nut oil

100% natural Moroccan nut oil, a multifunctional bottle suitable for face, body, hair, rich in vitamins, fatty acids and phytosterols. It is used for regular skin care and repair body skin, relieving and tightening skin, delaying skin aging, stimulating pore detoxification, and restoring the natural lipid barrier on skin surface.


Facial essence

100% natural cactus seed oil from Morocco, rich in vitamin E and fatty acid, has unique antioxidant function, deeply nourishes skin and restores skin luster. It can delay skin aging, promote cell regeneration, fade scars and wrinkles, and make skin return to a healthy state of moisturizing and non-tightening.


Brand History

The China Central Television Reports

In May 2019, Les Sens de Marrakech participated in the China Beauty Expo held in Shanghai. The exotic display counter and high-quality products attracted the attention of visitors and attracted the China Central Television to shoot and interview.

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