INTERDEE is an affordable luxury independent fashion brand founded in Paris in 2006, with Yuki, a new design star in Paris, and Sylvie Simah, former design director of Max & MOI, as the core of the team. Its design fully expresses the temper force with mercy and straightforward life attitude of Parisian women. It uses high-end cashmere, silk and Japanese triacetin acid and other fabrics, with neat lines and simple cutting showing French elegance.

At present, INTERDEE has 1600 retail stores in Europe, with more than 150 new products developed each quarter. It is favored by fashion buyers in Europe, and opened a brand flagship store in the center of Paris in 2016. In order to enter the Chinese market, WeChat stores and brand public accounts have been opened one after another to bring relaxed French fashion to the world.

The philosophy of fabric: Softness and Strength

Redefining the fashion of cashmere, make cashmere consumption become a modern lifestyle.

Softness  After ironing, it can wrap the body and bring lightweight comfort. It gently provides warmth in winter.

Strength  A neat Silhouette and decent cut, suit and neutral style, showing the beauty of women's self-confidence.

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High-End Fabrics

Cashmere/Loro Piana BabyCashemere® Italian Cashmere
Selected inner cashmere / goats’ hair, fine fiber, excellent heat preservation effect.
Storm System® Waterproof Material
Unique patent fabric of INTERDEE, waterproof and windproof, dust and stains are impermeable.
Lotus Plant Fiber Yarn
Fabric fiber that is softer than silk is blended with other fibers, which is more pliable.
High-End Silk
Good moisture absorption and air permeability, very silky and soft. It is easy to dissipate heat and moisture in summer, and it is more concise and delicate for the wearer.
Japanese Triacetin Acid Fabric
Natural wood pulp semi synthetic fiber, have a lovely luster, Easy to wash and dry quickly, the material is tight and comfortable to the skin.

INTERDEE has a perfect distribution system in China and abroad. Welcome to contact us for cooperation.

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Paris Head Office

No.224 Saint-Denis Road, 75002, Paris

Guangzhou Branch

No.169 Binhai Road, Nansha Street, Nansha District, Guangzhou City, China

Hangzhou Branch

No.3106 American Center, Oumeijinrongcheng, Cangqian Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Tel     : +33 (0)142211136

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