Pharmavance, the first chain pharmacy brand in France with franchise license for its own products, was founded in France by the Mergui couple in 2005. It has professional pharmacists and R & D teams, there are 47 retail stores and more than 320 partners in France. At present, it has 9 self-owned brands, covering cosmetics, personal care, mother and child care and health care.

Pharmavance continuously optimizes its own products and improves its production process. At the same time, the group has an integrated production chain to ensure that every product is made in France and strictly complies with the latest European standards, so that every family can use natural and safe products at ease every day.

Brand Flagship Store

Brand of Pharmavance


VitaeCosmetics is a French eco-friendly personal skin care brand, It is made of pure natural flower and fruit ingredients, free of silicone oil and preservatives, and its packaging is made of sustainable Eco-Friendly Material. All products are made in France and strictly comply with the latest European production standards.

Top Sellers:female private care, mango gardenia fragrance body essence oil

Bébé Smart

Bébé Smart is a French brand specially developed for baby's delicate skin. 100% natural mild formula, no soap and irritant additives. Strictly comply with the latest European production standards, the products are completed in France from design, research and development to production.

Top Seller:Baby Bath Oil


Brand of dietary supplement. 100% of the ingredients come from natural active ingredients. While controlling the dosage, it can ensure the maximum efficacy. It does not contain preservatives, salt and sugar. It strictly controls risks and ensures the absorption efficiency of the body. Each ingredient comes from France.

Top Sellers:Decompress magnesium, melatonin

My Skinadvance

High end female skin care brand. It is rich in top-level highly concentrated roe essence and marine protein and other active ingredients. It can effectively stimulate the regeneration of collagen, rapidly improve the condition of fatigue, dullness, dryness, and make the skin glow with youthful luster and vitality.

Top Sellers:Roe cream, roe eye cream


Health care brands mainly engaged in herbal tea, ampoule and dietary supplements are developed by top experts in the fields of French pharmacy, microbiology and nutrition. They are made up of natural medicinal plants to meet the basic nutritional needs of the body. And they also launched weight-loss and detoxification products. 100% natural ingredients, no additives and transgenes.

Top Sellers:Royal jelly ampoule, detoxification ampoule


French professional sunscreen brand, while providing skin safety protection, allows users to enjoy the sunshine. It has passed the strict effect text and dermatology text, with light texture, non-sticky and fresh fragrance. Effectively block UVA and UVB damage, it can relieve our skin, no preservatives, no silicon.

Top Seller:Spf50 sunscreen (for mixed and dry skin)


Plants extract skin care brand. With 100% natural active ingredient formula, it can help skin to keep balance of water and oil, without additives, preservatives and allergens. It is applicable to all skin types. There are corresponding treatment plans for sensitive, acne and other skin problems.

Top Sellers:Anti-acne essence milk, anti-acne cleansing gel

Dr Green

Professional medical equipment brand. The products include pregnancy test kit, hand gel, wound bandage, gauze and other products. All equipment and products are produced in aseptic factories, with strict quality control to ensure that every user can use them safely.

Top Sellers:Pregnancy test kit, antibacterial hand gel


Pure natural essential oil brand. In 1980, it was manufactured by a professional aromatherapy laboratory in Vaucluse, France, and continuously enriched and innovated technology. It has 100% natural ingredients and uses the power of medicinal plants to improve people's health.

Top Sellers: Rosemary nasal spray, sleep essential oil

In addition to high-quality private brands, Pharmavance strictly selects the personal care brands with the most market potential for consumers in the world in view of the current domestic beauty shops’ situation of vague positioning, lack of features in selection and homogeneity of image. Make Europe's pure natural, reassuring and high-quality lifestyle enter every family.

Other Cooperative Brands

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