Bébé Smart

Bébé Smart, as an emerging mother and baby care brand, its line of products carried out in France from design, research, development and production, and it wholeheartedly nourishes and protects baby's delicate and sensitive skin in all aspects. Gentle and rich formula 100% from the natural, caring for children's skin from the most natural state.

The product contains calendula, aloe, centella asiatica and other natural ingredients, with antibacterial, calming, moisturizing effects. It has light natural plant fragrance and delicate touch, and loved by European mothers and babies.

Pure natural:The gentle formula rich in 100% pure natural material gives the safest care to baby’s skin.

Safe and reliable:No soap, preservative, resin, alcohol, animal test is rejected.

Country of origin guarantee:All products are designed, developed and manufactured in France, and fully comply with French and European standards.

Loved by mothers and babies:The natural orange blossom fragrance and delicate texture are loved by all babies and mothers.

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Mild shower gel 200ML-500ML-1L


Main ingredients:

Centella asiatic - Relieves skin, it helps skin heal, regenerate and soothe.

Organic aloe - Moisturize skin, can play a calming, hydrating role.

With a special soap free formula, this product can gently clean your baby's sensitive skin and soft hair, and adjust the acid-base balance between the baby's skin and hair.

It is rich in organic aloe and centella asiatic extract, helps calm, soothe and moisturizes skin, reduces the water loss from the deep skin to care for the baby's fragile and sensitive skin. It can also prevent and improve the symptoms of redness, inflammation and allergy.

Nourishing shower oil 500ML-1L


Main ingredients:

Calendula Oil - Promotes skin healing, soothes and diminishes inflammation.

Plant glycerin, organic aloe - Hydrating skin, calm and moisturize.

Soap free product, with secret formula in the shower oil cleans and protects baby's delicate skin.

Its mild formula is rich in organic aloe and plant glycerin, with moisturizing and soothing effects. Calendula oil helps prevent skin from redness and inflammation. This product can be used for daily cleaning of face and body, and it is suitable for baby's fragile, sensitive and dry skin. It can prevent skin redness, inflammation and allergy.

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